If it's time, so be it.

The latest joke between my friends and I is to scream, 'EBOLA!,' whenever someone sneezes, coughs or says they don't feel well. Probably not the most sensitive thing to do and say in public while the rest of the American population is in total freak out mode right now. 

*I won't go into the science of the issue but just as a side note from what I've read, I think we should be worrying more about illnesses like the enterovirus.*

Truly, the overall problem lies in the execution of the news and the overall public taking what little they've read about it, and blowing it out of proportion. Naturally, I will be alarmed if there was a case of Ebola near my living area but will I obsess over it and worry about it and post Facebook statuses about it? I don't have time for that and honestly, I feel that as a believer, I would be doing the one thing that I try real hard NOT to do; doubting my God.

If I die from Ebola, enterovirus or whatever at age 20, 45 or 72 then so be it. I surely don't want to die but I also believe that life doesn't end on earth. I think as a culture we view death as being the scariest, worst thing that could ever happen. I'm so excited to meet my LORD when the day comes so I say bring it on. For those of you that don't believe or could care less about what I believe, consider this. You can't control how much time you have on earth so why waste it obsessing over another thing, like Ebola, that you again, cannot control? Embrace your health; take care of yourself for your benefit and for courtesy of those around you. And please God, don't post another paranoid Facebook status about it.